Since 1994 then, PLI has taught:

  • Nearly 850 seminars
  • In more than 70 countries
  • To more than 70 000 military, government, police, and business leaders


PLI instruction – built on time-tested, universal principles – will help you and your management team develop into more dynamic personal leaders.


PLI has been privileged to train leaders at many diverse institutions and organizations:

  • College of Generals, Moscow
  • Officials, Beijing Parliament of Mongolia
  • Police and Communist Party


In its beginning, the Pointman Leadership Institute was asked to assist police agencies in former Soviet Bloc countries.

The Point Man

In the military, the Point Man is the person chosen to scout the path ahead.

Point Men are the ones who first spot the enemy and any obstacles.

They are the valiant, the ones who alert the group to danger and possible ambush. They become the first targets and usually take the first “hits” to protect others who are following.

A Point Man gives direction.

Point Men are those responsible for electing the right path for others to follow.